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In the Spotlight – ETF Securities

Barclays has joined up with the UK’s leading ETF providers to bring you a range of insights to help you navigate towards your investment goals. Here, ETF Securities provide you with their most up-to-date videos, market views and literature. 

Who is ETF Securities?

ETF Securities is one of the world’s leading innovators of exchange-traded products (ETPs).

ETF Securities provides accessible and liquid investment solutions, enabling investors to intelligently diversify their portfolios beyond traditional asset classes and strategies.

As pioneers in specialist investments, they developed the world’s first gold exchange traded commodity in 2003. Today, ETF Securities offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of specialist exchange traded products (ETPs) covering commodities, FX and thematic equities, trading on major exchanges across the world.

Using that pioneering spirit, their unrivalled expertise and through partnerships, ETF Securities continues to seek out the most relevant opportunities and make them accessible.

ETF Securities’ mission is to promote deeper understanding of the investment marketplace in relation to Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) by increasing and improving the educational material available to private investors.

Why choose ETF Securities? 

  • World’s largest provider of commodity and alternative asset ETPs - ETF Securities has over 300 long, short and leveraged commodity and alternative asset ETPs listed on multiple exchanges.
  • Europe’s largest and most traded physically backed gold ETPs - Gold Bullion Securities (GBS), the world’s first gold ETP, and ETFS Physical Gold (PHAU) are Europe’s two largest (by AUM) and most liquid (by trading volume) gold ETPs.
  • Education - ETF Securities sees ETPs as the investment tool of the future. As a leading ETP provider, they aim to improve the quality of the educational material made available and ultimately help investors become more familiar with these types of investments.

Important information

It’s important to understand that ETFs are not guaranteed products – just like any investment in the stock or bond market, your initial investment is subject to loss. The value of your investment and income from it will fluctuate and your initial investment is not guaranteed. 

The fund specific risks on any ETF will vary depending on what the ETF invests in. For example, emerging market and commodities investments are often subject to higher levels of volatility and bond investments are often sensitive to movements in interest rates.  It is really important to understand the fund specific risks of any fund before you invest. That is why investors must read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) prior to investing.

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