Barclays Stockbrokers clients can use our Regular Investment Service to make regular payments into a select range of funds. Find out more.
Regular Investment Service

Regular Investment Service

The easy way to make regular monthly investments into your choice of funds

The Barclays Stockbrokers Regular Investment service offers you the opportunity to make regular monthly investment instructions into a select range of funds available on the Barclays Stockbrokers Funds Market.

You decide which fund you would like to invest into and we do the rest.

Why make regular investments?

Trying to pick the right time to invest is one of the biggest challenges facing many investors. With our Regular Investment Service, you don’t have to.

Help balance risk 

By feeding your money into funds at regular intervals, you may be able to balance out price highs and lows over a period of time. This concept, often referred to as ‘Pound Cost Averaging’ allows you to invest the same amount of money each month; when the fund price is low you get more units for your money, but fewer units when the fund price is high. This can help reduce the risk of getting your short term timing wrong and allows you to focus on what, not when to buy. 

Remember though that, as with all investments, the value of funds can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

Watch Penny Haslam explain more about the benefits of investing regularly into an ISA

Please bear in mind that the rules surrounding ISAs can change in the future, and that the benefit to you of any tax concessions will be dependent on your personal circumstances.

Clear charges

When you invest into funds on our Funds Market you will benefit from no initial charge or dealing commission, although other charges will apply. There will also be no account fees to pay if you decide to only hold funds in your chosen account. You will still pay the Fund Administration Fee to Barclays Stockbrokers on your fund holdings. But, if you set up an instruction through our Regular Investment Service, we will waive the minimum £35 per year Fund Administration Fee and you will only pay the 0.35% rate, no matter how small your fund holding. 

How does our Regular Investment Service work?

It couldn’t be easier - you decide which fund you want to invest into, then we do the hard work for you each and every month until you cancel your instruction.

You simply have to give us the following information:

  • Which fund(s) you want to invest in from our selected range of funds 
  • How much you want to invest every month (min £50, max £1,000 per fund)
  • Whether you want your investment(s) placed on the second or fourth Wednesday of the month.

Getting started

If you have an existing Barclays Stockbrokers account, all you have to do is:

  1. Call us on 0808 159 4951† to set up your instruction(s) or fill in the regular investment instruction form [PDF; 261KB]

  2. Make sure you have money to cover all of your investment instruction(s) the day before the Dealing Date – the easiest way to do this is to set up a regular direct debit instruction. Please choose the correct form from the list below:

    If investing in a MarketMaster investment account complete the regular Direct Debit Instruction [PDF; 266KB]

    If investing in an ISA, please use the ISA Regular payments form [PDF; 357KB]

    If investing in a SIPP, please use the SIPP Direct Debit Instruction [PDF; 249KB].

  3. We’ll take care of the rest and send you a contract note(s) to confirm your fund investment after each dealing date.

Remember though that, as with all investments, the value of funds can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested. Investing without advice is not for everyone. If you are unsure, you should seek independent financial advice.

†0808 calls are free if made from a UK landline. Calls may be recorded so that we can monitor the quality of our service and for security purposes. If calling from outside the UK, please dial +44 141 352 3942. Calls to 0141 numbers are charged at local rate, mobile costs may vary - please check with your telecoms provider. Our opening hours are 08:00 to 18.30 Monday to Thursday, 08:00 to 18:00 on Friday (excluding bank holidays) and 09:30 to 12.30 on Saturday.


  • The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested
  • Investing is not for everyone, if you are unsure please seek independent financial advice.
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