How to read a fund factsheet

How to read a fund factsheet

The fund factsheet is an essential guide to each fund. Together with the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), it is a must-read when choosing your investments.

Our factsheets provide detailed information on all UK Unit Trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs). Here we explain how to make the most of this information.

Our factsheets are divided into four pages:

Fund Summary tab
An overview of the fund including price, performance and charges details. This is illustrated in the annotation below, or you can view just the text version.

Fund Performance tab
An in-depth look at the fund’s past performance.

Fund Holdings tab
A detailed look at where the fund invests money.

Fund Manager Profile tab
Details of the fund manager or management team who run the fund.

Example Fund Factsheet 

Basic Fund Information

Fund Currency
The currency the fund trades in.

This is the last available price. Any deal you place will get the price correct for that valuation point. This price is not known in advance.

Identification number - to make sure you are dealing in the exact fund you intend.

Either Income (Inc) units which pay out any income to you as cash; or Accumulation (Acc) where it is retained within the fund.

FE (Financial Express) Fund Rating
An independent rating showing the fund performance within its sector.

IA Sector
The Investment Association (IA) groups most UK-listed OEICs and unit trusts in “sectors” or categories.

Fund Size
The total value of the assets under management in the fund.

Fund Type
Whether the fund is a unit trust (UT) or an open-ended investment company (OEIC) structure.  Also whether the fund can be held in an Individual Savings Account (ISA).

Fund Objective

Commentary from the fund manager on the fund’s aim and how they plan to invest the money under management.

Simplified Prospectus/KIID

Important document setting out the key features and costs of the fund. You must confirm that you have read this document before placing each investment in the fund.

Fund Performance

Includes a chart for the past five years’ performance (where available) and a table of cumulative performance for one, three and five years; and 12-month high and low.

Current Market Information

Including the most recent price, percentage change on previous, and ex-dividend date.

Purchase Information

Covering minimum investments and charges. If the fund is on the Barclays Stockbrokers Funds Market the minimum is waived and you can invest from £50, and any initial charge is waived too.  The important Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) is shown.  This cost figure includes the Annual Management Charge (AMC) which the fund manager charges for their services, along with a number of other costs deducted from the fund.

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