Barclays Stockbrokers Glossary
Glossary R


Without any delay. Some stockbroking systems only allow you to access prices which are delayed - they can be up to 20 minutes behind the actual prices at any moment. With Barclays Stockbrokers you can access real-time prices - the prices at which buying and selling is actually taking place in the market.
Record date / books closed date
The date on which the registrar of a company physically loses its books for the purpose of distributing a benefit to shareholders. This is not the date at which the entitlement is determined.
Redeemable preference
Provisions for the redemption of these shares at a predetermined date.
In relation to shares means the purchase back by a company of some of its own shares.
Redemption yield
Gives a total return on the investment, taking into account the fact that whilst earning interest a capital gain/loss may be made by owning the bond to completion.
Registered holder
The name that appears on the company register as the holder of the stock.
An organisation that takes responsibility for maintaining a company's share register, which lists the registered holders of the stock.
Reinvestment unit trusts
These are a sub section of income unit trusts whereby the dividend is utilised by the Fund Managers who purchase additional units, this payment carries an associated tax credit.
Retail price index
A means to measure inflation based upon the price of a selection of family goods.
The amount by which your investment increases as a result of interest or dividend income and capital growth.
Reverse takeover
The process of a smaller company taking over a larger one, or when the company being bought will be the dominant part of the new company.
Return on capital employed (ROCE)
A measure of the returns that a company is realising from its capital employed. It is commonly used as a measure for comparing the performance between businesses and for assessing whether a business generates enough returns to pay for its capital costs.
Recognised Investment Exchange, a status that is achieved once recognised by the FCA.
Rights Issue
The issue of new shares by a company to raise cash, these shares are normally offered to existing shareholders in proportion to their holdings.
Risk adjusted performance
Gives an indication of the performance taking into account the risk level.
Retail Service Provider. A securities house that provides competing quotes to stockbrokers for their retail customers.
Running a book
Firms who are buying and selling stock for themselves hoping to profit from price differences are said to run a book in that stock.

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