Barclays Stockbrokers Glossary
Glossary H


A hedge is typically accomplished by making approximately offsetting transactions that will largely eliminate one or more types of risk.
The highest price that was paid for a stock during a certain period.
High income shares
Popular with private investors as they generate high income and also have the potential for good capital performance over the long term.
High-premium convertible debenture
A bond with a long term, high-premium, common stock conversion feature and also offering a fairly competitive interest rate.

High yield bond fund
A fund that invests in corporate bonds issued by more risky companies and in return offers a higher rate of interest.
Historic pricing
The pricing of unit trusts based on the last valuation of the fund.
HM Revenue & Customs
The organisation responsible for the administration and payment UK of tax including Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax and Stamp Duty.

Holding company
A company that owns the securities of another company, usually with voting control.
The common term for stock held in your account(s).

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