Use our funds research, including Funds factsheets, Citywire Selection , Top 20 funds and Fund manager insight.
Funds research

Funds research

You’ll find over 2,000 funds on our Funds Market, letting you invest in many different companies and markets across the globe. Whether you know the fund you’re after or want some help finding it, by giving you latest research, we make your decision easier.

Remember, that no matter how much research you do, or which fund you choose, your investment isn’t guaranteed. The value of funds can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you invested. Always seek independent advice if you’re unsure whether an investment is right for you. 

Funds Search

Narrow down your choices using different search filters, e.g. search by fund manager, sector or performance to find the fund for you.

Funds search

Funds Research Centre

Analyse and compare funds using a wide selection of useful tools, including:

  • Market overview and news
  • Charting tool
  • Performance tables
Funds research centre

Top 20 selling funds

Discover what other investors are buying. Take a look at our most popular Funds Market purchases by Barclays Stockbrokers clients in the last calendar month.

The Top 20 selling Funds should not be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell any particular fund, and it is not intended to offer any form of advice. It is simply an indication of the total number of purchases by Barclays Stockbrokers clients during the month.

Top 20 funds

Barclays Stockbrokers Funds List

Discover the funds we believe have the potential to perform well across a wide range of sectors. Chosen by Barclays’ investment specialists, we believe these funds have the right characteristics to outperform the market over the medium to long term but there are no guarantees. Our referring to these funds does not constitute advice or a recommendation to buy these or any other investment.

Barclays Stockbrokers Funds List

Citywire Selection

Citywire offers independent analysis of the funds and managers they believe have the best track records.

Citywire Selection

Stockbrokers TV

Featuring exclusive video interviews from high profile fund managers as they discuss how they run their funds and give their views on the market.

Stockbrokers TV

Fund Factsheets

The fund factsheet is an essential guide to each fund and, together with the fund’s Key Investor Information Document, a must-read when choosing your investments.

How to read a factsheet

Things to remember

  • The value of funds can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested
  • We don’t give advice. If you’re unsure whether an investment is right for you, please seek independent financial and taxation advice.

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  • The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested.
  • Investing is not for everyone, if you are unsure please seek independent advice.

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