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Take a look at our short video, which will show you around the new service and what it has to offer.

We’ve also put together some more guides to walk you through the essentials of using your new direct investing service. They’ll show you how to:

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Explore ‘My hub’

Update your account details and opt in to paperless

Search for investments

Make the most of Barclays Cloud It

Transfer your accounts and investments from other providers

We’ll add more over time, but the first few videos will help you to get ready for the move and find your way around the new service.

Before transferring investments you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Whether there will be any charges from your current provider. We’ll rebate transfer-out charges up to a maximum of £500. View the terms and conditions of this offer
  • Check that there are no exit penalties or other benefits that you might lose and that you won't lose out by selling any investments you can’t transfer to us
  • Check that any assets you want to continue holding can be transferred, rather than being sold and the cash reinvested.

If you’re transferring in cash, having sold your investments perhaps intending to repurchase them, remember:

  • You’re ‘out of the market’, so for a time, you won’t hold some or all of your investments and you’ll lose out on:
    • Any rise in their value
    • Any corporate actions e.g. rights issues
    • Any returns e.g. dividends or interest
    • Shareholders’ benefits (which may not be available on the same terms or at all if you repurchase)
    • Voting rights
  • Cash typically takes 1-2 weeks to transfer between brokers
  • You’ll incur dealing charges to sell and repurchase investments
  • You may make capital gains, which depending on your personal circumstances could mean paying capital gains tax, though they may fall within your annual allowances. Remember that tax rules may change and their effects on you will depend on your circumstances.

If you’re transferring existing investment holdings:

  • There will be a period when you won’t be able to sell these while they transfer from your current provider to your new one. This should be a short period as the investments re-registration is processed but the flexibility that you have during the transfer process will depend on the broker you are transferring from
  • During the transfer from your old provider to your new one, you may experience delays in receiving dividends, other income and information, as well as delays to notification of voting rights, exercising shareholders’ concessions or corporate actions, such as rights issues, which may affect your ability to respond where deadlines are shorter.

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