We’ve cut the cost of investing. Most of our clients will now pay less to invest with us. Find out more and view our current pricing here.
Pricing changes

Our best share dealing and admin charges

Most of our clients will now pay less to invest with us.

We’ve made changes to our charges structure to make our prices clearer, fairer and simpler. Here’s a summary of what’s changed.

Lower online share dealing charges

When you buy or sell shares, ETFs or other listed investments online through our accounts, it will now cost £1 less than before. And, with our best online share dealing charges, you can move to a lower commission rate with a fewer number of deals. The cost of dealing by phone hasn’t changed.

Deals per calendar month Lower online share dealing charge
1 - 9  £11.95
10 -19 £8.95
20 + £5.95

If you place 10 online share deals per month, you will save £480 per year. At 20 deals, the annual price saving is £960.

Lower ISA administration fee

Most clients who hold an Investment ISA will now be better off by benefiting from our best prices. You’ll pay £30 a year + VAT, no matter how much you hold in your Investment ISA or Corporate ISA. If you hold investments of more than £7,500, our lower charges will save you £24 a year.

Better still, if you only hold funds in your Investment ISA, we’ll waive the ISA administration fee. In fact, this also applies to our MarketMaster®, SIPP and PTA accounts too. The Fund Administration Fee will still apply, along with any transactional charges.

Investment value  ​Investment ISA Administration Fee
All values​ £30 + VAT

Introduction of the Fund Administration Fee

As a result of recently introduced industry changes, service providers which administer your fund investments are changing the way they charge. This means you’ll now pay two charges; one to the Fund Manager for their services; and another, called Fund Administration Fee, directly to Barclays Stockbrokers for the administration of your investments. Whilst you will pay two charges, the cost of investing in funds will reduce for the majority of our funds investors. We’ll convert your existing fund holdings where a cheaper version is available (unless you ask us not to) so you can benefit from these lower charges as quickly as possible. Visit our RDR web section for full details of the Fund Administration Fee and clean share classes of funds.

Lower SIPP administration fee

All clients who hold a SIPP will now save money on their annual administration fee. We’ve reduced the charge from £200 + VAT per annum to £155 +VAT per annum. We’ve also reduced the charge for a child SIPP from £100 + VAT per annum to £77.50 + VAT per annum.

What’s more, if you’re fully invested in funds, your SIPP administration fee is waived.

Remember that investments can fall in value and you may get back less than you invested. Investing is not for everyone. If you’re unsure, please seek independent financial advice.

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