Barclays Stockbrokers provides services in online dealing, trading and investments. We also offer practical solutions for investing in funds.
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  • Investing for retirement

    We have two investment accounts, SIPP and PTA, to allow
    you to manage some or all of your pension savings.

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  • Clearer, fairer and simpler fund charges

    New ‘clean share classes’ of funds now available, typically
    with lower costs. So you benefit as soon as possible, we’ll convert
    your existing funds where a cheaper version is available.

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    Find out how the changes affect ISA and pensions

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The new tax year is here

The 2014/15 tax year has begun

We have a range of information available to help you ensure you’re being tax-smart with your investing.

Lower charges

We’ve cut the cost of investing for most of our clients.

Lower SIPP Administration fee - we’ve reduced the fee from £200 + VAT to £155 + VAT.  Better still, if you only hold funds in your SIPP then we’ll waive the SIPP administration fee. 

Lower online dealing commissions – £1 off every deal.

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View the latest videos, blogs and market insight from the UKs leading fund managers.

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Barclays provides insight and analysis on a new company every week.


Barclays Blog

Barclays Blog
Timely analysis from Barclays experts on key topics and investment themes.


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Top 10 ETFs  

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Search fund factsheets to select the investment for you; 0% initial charge on more than 2,000 funds on our Funds Market

Top 10 ETFs 

Top 10 ETFs
The most popular ETF purchases by Barclays Stockbrokers clients during the last calendar week.

Top 20 funds purchases by Barclays Stockbrokers clients  

Top 20 Funds - March 2014
The most popular funds purchased by Barclays Stockbrokers clients during the last calendar month

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Short-term past performance of less than one year is a particularly unreliable indicator.
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Important information

Barclays Stockbrokers does not provide advice on the suitability of investments. It is an execution-only stockbroker. If you are unsure about the suitability of investments, seek independent advice. We do offer investment choices, education and tools for clients who are able to make their own investment decisions. All investments can fall in value as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested.

Tax rules can change and the benefits and drawbacks of particular tax treatment will vary with individual circumstances. Barclays is not a legal or tax adviser and is not providing you with legal or tax advice. If you have any queries as to the legal or tax implications of any investment you should seek independent professional advice.


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