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Last updated: 21 October 2016

Inside this week:

  • Comeback season many talking heads have spent the past few years worrying what falling bond yields tell us about the prospects for the world economy. somewhat perversely, many of the same commentators seem similarly worried about the recent reversal of a small part of those yield declines
  • Base effect we have argued for some time now that government bond yields look inconsistent with the prevailing macroeconomic backdrop, and that market implied inflation expectations appear too low
  • Other reasons at the same time, there appear to be idiosyncratic factors behind these yield spikes regionally
  • What now fears of an equity market de-rating in response to higher bond yields seem overdone to us
  • Investment conclusion: even if yields do not rise much further from here, the real return prospects for government bonds are still poor in anything other than the worst case scenarios

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