Corporate Actions Corporate events and actions that you may need to be aware of, plus options available to you and instructions on how to act upon Corporate Actions
Corporate Actions

Corporate actions

Current corporate actions

The table below gives you an 'at a glance' view of the larger current corporate actions and an archive of recent corporate actions.

For Voluntary corporate actions, there will be choices available and we will issue a letter to you outlining your options or you can view them online by clicking on the company name in the table below. Please make sure any instructions reach us by the reply by date shown in the table. This date is important, as we need to pass all our clients' instructions to the registrars by specified dates.

Alternatively, call our corporate actions enquiry team on 0800 901 2911*

Simply select a company name for an overview of each corporate action. Where we have more detailed information available, you'll also find this here.

For mandatory corporate actions we will publish a list of the events at the end of every week below:

Mandatory corporate actions

Last updated 18 August 2017

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Voluntary Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions Glossary

Date published Company name Corporate action Reply by date Information
​18 August Atlas Mara Ltd ​Open Offer ​21 August Summary
​16 August ​PME African Infrastructure OPP ​Tender Offer ​7 September ​Summary
​16 August Berendsen ​Mandatory Event with Elections ​4 September Summary
​15 August Fairfx Group Plc GBP 0.01 ​Open Offer ​17 August Summary
​15 August Byotrol PLC GBP ​Open Offer ​18 August Summary
​10 August Cape Plc GBP 0.25​ ​Takeover 16 August​ Summary
​9 August Co-operative Bank 11% 20/12/2023 ​Restructuring & Recapitalisation ​11 August Summary
​7 August Oxford Technology 2 VCT PLC​ ​Tender Offer ​15 August Summary
​3 August Touchstone Innovations ORD GBP​ ​Takeover ​8 September Summary
​2 August Utilico Emerging Markets Subscription Shares ​Exercise Of Subscription Shares ​15 August Summary
​31 July LMS Capital​ Plc
​Tender Offer 7 August​ Summary
​31 July
​ASA Resources Group Plc
9 August​ Summary
​28 July Interquest Group ORD Takeover - UIAR​ 2 August​ Summary
​24 July IPSA Group Takeover Extension​ 26 July​ Summary
​24 July
Dragon-Ukrainian Properties and Development Plc Takeover​ ​25 July Summary
​21 July Tower Resources ORD GBP 0.01 ​Open Offer
28 July​ Summary
​21 July ​Camper & Nicholsons Marina Investments Limited ​Open Offer
25 July​ Summary
​17 July Kalibrate Technologies Plc ​Takeover - UIAR ​20 July Summary
​14 July Highland Natural Resources ​Open Offer ​21 July
​14 July
TP Group Plc ​Open Offer
20 July​ Summary
​13 July Banco Santander ​Rights Issue ​17 July Summary
​12 July
Shawbrook Group Plc ​Takeover – UIAR - Extension ​18 July Summary
​12 July ​​Surface Transforms Plc ​Open Offer ​18 July Summary
​12 July ​​IPSA Group ​Takeover Extension ​17 July Summary
​12 July Invesco Asia Trust Ord ​Tender Offer ​26 July Summary
​10 July Empiric Student Property ​Open Offer ​13 July Summary
​6 July Proxama Plc ​Open Offer ​14 July Summary
​6 July
Omega Diagnostics Group Plc ​Open Offer ​11 July Summary
​3 July European Wealth Group ​Open Offer ​11 July Summary
​3 July Hornby Plc ​Takeover 10 July​ ​Summary
​29 June Interquest Group ORD Takeover ​7 July ​Summary
​28 June ​Raven Russia ORD ​Tender Offer ​5 July ​Summary
​28 June Kalibrate Technologies Plc ​Takeover ​6 July ​Summary
​26 June Waterman Group ​Takeover – UIAR Extension ​30 June ​Summary
​26 June ​Record Plc GBP 0.00025 ​Tender Offer ​6 July ​Summary
​26 June Shawbrook Group Plc ​Takeover - UIAR 4 July​ Summary
​21 June ​​IPSA Group ​Takeover ​23 June Summary
​20 June Newriver Reit Plc ​Open Offer ​27 June Summary
​20 June 32Red ​Takeover - UIAR - Extension ​30 June ​​Summary
​19 June K3 Business Technology Group Plc ​Open Offer ​22 June Summary
​19 June Market Tech Holdings Ltd ​Takeover ​25 July Summary
​15 June Imaginatik Plc ​Open Offer ​21 June Summary
​13 June Gusbourne Plc ​Open Offer ​20 June
​9 June
​​Adams Plc ​Open Offer ​19 June ​​​Summary
​9 June Waterman Group ​Takeover - UIAR ​16 June ​​Summary
​8 June Shawbrook Group Plc ​Increased Offer and Extension ​13 June Summary
​8 June Mariana Resources Ltd ​Mandatory Exchange with Foreign Outturn ​21 June Summary
​8 June JP Morgan Smaller Co’s IT Plc Subscription Shares ​Optional Conversion - Final Opportunity ​20 June Summary
​7 June 32Red​​​ ​Takeover - UIAR ​13 June Summary
​2 June Invesco Perp UK Smaller Cos​​ ​Tender Offer ​9 June Summary
​31 May Europa Oil and Gas​​ ​Open Offer ​5 June Summary
​31 May Flowgroup Plc​​ ​Open Offer ​2 June ​​Summary
​25 May Polar Capital Global Healthcare ​Open Offer ​8 June ​​Summary
​25 May ​​IP2IPO Group Plc ​Open Offer ​1 June Summary
​25 May Market Tech Holdings Ltd ​Takeover 5 June​ Summary
​25 May
Waterman Group Takeover​ 2 June​ Summary
​23 May 1pm Plc ​Open Offer ​31 May Summary
​16 May Hephaestus Plc ​Tender Offer
​22 May Summary
​12 May Hadrian's Wall Secured Inv Ltd ORD NPV ​Offer for Subscription ​17 May Summary
​10 May Sequoia Economic Infrastructure ​Open Offer ​18 May Summary
​10 May Rolls Royce Holdings C Shares ​Scheme of Arrangement ​24 May Summary
​8 May Raven Russia Warrants ​Exercise of Warrants ​9 June Summary
​5 May Circle Holdings ​Takeover - UIAR ​26 May Summary
​5 May Rolls Royce Holdings Ordinary Shares ​Scheme of Arrangement ​24 May Summary
​4 May Industrial Multi Property Trust ​Takeover – UIAR - Increased Offer ​12 May Summary
​2 May Rosslyn Data Technologies Plc​ ​Open Offer ​5 May Summary
​2 May
Shawbrook Group Plc​ ​Takeover ​12 May Summary
​27 April Empyrean Energy Plc​ Open Offer​ ​4 May
​27 April ​Tritax Big Box REIT Plc
​Open Offer
3 May​ Summary
​26 April Shearwater Group Plc​ Open Offer​ 2 May​ Summary
​26 April 32Red ​Takeover Extension
​1 May Summary
​24 April Westmount Energy Limited ​Open Offer ​27 April ​​Summary
​20 April ​​Cobham Plc ​Rights Issue
​27 April Summary
​20 April ​​Henderson Intl Income Trust Plc ​Open Offer
​27 April ​​Summary
​20 April ​​International Public Partnership ​Open Offer
​26 April Summary
​18 April TwentyFour Income Select Monthly Income ​Tender Offer ​24 May Summary
​13 April ​​Circle Holdings ​Takeover ​19 April Summary
​11 April Foresight Solar and Infrastructure VCT Plc
Tender Offer​ ​25 April
​11 April Mithras Investment Trust
Tender Offer​ ​18 April
​7 April Tullow Oil Plc
Rights Issue​ ​17 April
​7 April
Syngenta AG​ ​Tender Offer Extension
​21 April Summary
​6 April
Accsys Technologies Plc
​Open Offer
​12 April Summary
​6 April Diverse Income Trust Plc
​Redemption Opportunity
​24 April Summary
​4 April
Invesco Perpetual Select Trust Balanced Risk Shares​ ​Optional Conversion
11 April​ Summary
​31 March Ithaca Energy Inc NPV ​Takeover ​13 April
​28 March Deutsche Bank AG NPV ​Open Offer ​30 March Summary
​28 March
Orogen Gold Plc ​Open Offer ​30 March Summary
​28 March Independent Resources Plc ​Open Offer ​6 April Summary
​27 March
​​SVG Capital Plc ​Tender Offer ​3 April Summary
​24 March FIH Group Plc GBP 0.1 ​Takeover Extension 30 March​ Summary
​23 March Private and Commercial Finance Group Plc​ ​Open Offer
​29 March
​22 March
​​Igas Energy Plc ​Open Offer ​27 March Summary
​22 March Laird Group ​Rights Issue ​28 March Summary
​20 March NetDimensions Holdings Ltd ​Takeover Extension (Unconditional) ​22 March
​20 March
Fair Oaks Income Fund Ltd ​Mandatory Event with Elections ​21 March
​20 March
Aberdeen UK Tracker Trust Plc ​Scheme of Reconstruction ​21 March
​16 March Aberdeen Diversified INC & GRTH GBP 0.25 ​Tender Offer 22 March​ Summary
​16 March
7Digital ​Open Offer ​21 March Summary
​15 March Segro PLC Reit GBP 0.1 ​Rights Issue ​20 March Summary
​15 March 32Red ​Takeover ​20 March Summary
​15 March EDF SA EUR 0.5 ​Open Offer  ​15 March
​14 March Sportech Plc ​Tender Offer ​16 March Summary
​9 March Stellar Diamonds Plc ​Open Offer ​16 March Summary
​7 March Miton UK MicroCap Trust Plc ​Optional Put ​23 March Summary
​2 March ​​HICL Infrastructure Co LTD ​Open Offer ​10 March Summary
​2 March Totally Plc ​Open Offer ​9 March ​​​Summary
​1 March FIH Group Plc ​Takeover ​8 March ​​Summary
​1 March Industrial Multi Property Trust ​Takeover ​8 March ​​Summary
​23 February Driver Group ​Open Offer ​28 February Summary
​22 February U.S. Oil & Gas Plc DKK ​Open Offer ​2 March Summary
​21 February Lavendon Group ​Takeover ​23 February Summary
​20 February U.S. Oil & Gas Plc ​Open Offer ​2 March Summary
​17 February Attraqt Group Plc ​Open Offer ​27 February Summary
​17 February ​AFC Energy Plc Open Offer​ ​24 February Summary
​16 February Collagen Solutions Plc ​Open Offer ​23 February Summary
​14 February REDX Pharma Plc ​Open Offer ​20 February Summary
​14 February RPC Group ​Rights Issue ​20 February Summary
​13 February Ludgate Environmental Fund Ltd ​Takeover Extension ​16 February Summary
​13 February Unicredit Spa ​Rights Issue ​16 February Summary
​13 February Terra Capital Plc ​Tender Offer ​22 February Summary
​13 February BH Macro Ltd Ord NPV GBP ​Tender Offer ​16 February Summary
​9 February Taihua Plc​ ​Tender Offer ​14 February ​​Summary
​9 February BH Macro Ltd USD​ Tender Offer​ 16 February​ Summary
​9 February NetDimensions Holdings Ltd ​Takeover ​1 March Summary
9 February​ ​​JP Morgan European Investment Trust Income Shares Optional Conversion​ 22 February​​ Summary
​8 February JP Morgan European Investment Trust Growth Shares Optional Conversion​ 22 February​ Summary
​7 February New Century AIM VCT Plc​ ​Tender Offer ​10 February Summary
​6 February SVG Capital​ ​Tender Offer 14 February​ Summary
​3 February Cambria Africa Plc ​Open Offer ​9 February Summary
​2 February Lavendon GBP 0.01​ ​Takeover Extension 8 February​ Summary
​​31 January Kromek Group Plc ​Open Offer ​3 February Summary
​30 January M&G High Income INV TR INC ​​Mandatory Event with Elections 28 February​ Summary
​30 January M&G 0.0 17MAR2017 RG ​Mandatory Event with Elections​ 28 February​ Summary
​30 January M&G High Income Investment Trust Package Units ​Mandatory Event with Elections ​28 February Summary
​26 January GCP Asset Backed Income Fund Ltd​​ ​Open Offer ​2 February Summary​​​
​​20 January Lavendon Group​​ ​Takeover – Extension and Increased Offer ​25 January Summary​​
​20 January Ludgate Environmental Fund Ltd ​Takeover ​2 February Summary
​19 January Old Mutual Plc FRN PERP ​Tender Offer ​23 January Summary
​18 January Cementos Portland SA EUR 1.5 ​Takeover ​6 February Summary
​16 January ServicePower Technologies Plc ​Takeover ​18 January Summary
​11 January Utilico Emerging Markets Ltd (Subscription Shares) ​Exercise Of Subscription Shares ​22 February Summary
​11 January Syngenta AG​ ​Tender Offer Extension 22 February​ Summary
​10 January Seeing Machines Ltd Offer for Subscription​ ​12 January Summary​​
​6 January Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust ​Tender Offer ​19 January Summary​​
​5 January Lavendon Group Ltd ​Takeover Increased Offer ​11 January Summary
​4 January Lavendon Group ​Takeover ​11 January Summary
​23 December ServicePower Technologies Plc ​Takeover ​3 January Summary
​23 December Invesco Perpetual Select Trust Balanced Risk ​Optional Conversion ​16 January Summary
​22 December Baring Emerging Europe Plc ​Tender Offer ​16 January Summary
​22 December Aseana Properties Tender Offer​ ​28 December Summary
​21 December Cambria Africa Plc​ Open Offer​ 26 January​ Summary
​16 December CVC Credit Partners European Opp Inc EUR ​Tender Offer 30 January​ Summary
​16 December CVC Credit Partners European Opp Inc GBP ​Tender Offer ​30 January Summary
​16 December Twentyfour Select Monthly Inc Fund ​Tender Offer 23 February​ Summary
​15 December Redt Energy ​Open Offer ​19 December Summary
​14 December M.P Evans Group ​Takeover Extension ​15 December Summary
​13 December Artemis Alpha Trust Plc (Subscription Shares)​ ​Exercise of Subscription Shares ​21 December Summary
​12 December Northern Petroleum Open Offer​ ​3 January Summary
​12 December Alexander Mining Warrants ​Exercise of Warrants (Final Opportunity) ​6 January Summary
​​9 December Greencore Group ​Rights Issue ​14 December ​​Summary
​8 December Digital Globe Services Ltd ​Takeover Extension 9 December​ Summary
8 December JP Morgan Smaller Companies Subscription Shares​ ​Optional Conversion ​22 December Summary
7 December ​​Sula Iron & Gold Plc ​Open Offer ​8 December Summary​​​
7 December ​​AB Dynamics Plc Offer for Subscription ​13 December Summary​​
​6 December Lavendon Group Ltd ​Takeover ​15 December Summary​​​
​5 December ​​Sanne Group Plc
Open Offer​ ​7 December Summary​​
5 December Bacit Ltd
​Open Offer & Exchange Offer ​7 December Summary
​5 December Dee Valley Group (Ord GBP 0.05)
​Takeover ​9 December Summary
​2 December Dee Valley Group Non Voting Shares
​Takeover (Increased Offer) ​9 December Summary
​29 November LightwaveRF Plc Ord
​Open Offer ​8 December Summary
​29 November Chesnara Plc
​Open Offer ​6 December Summary
​​24 November Mirland Development Corp Plc
​Open Offer and Consolidation ​2 December Summary
​24 November Ranger Direct Lending Fund Plc ​Open Offer ​6 December Summary
​24 November SVG Capital Plc ​Tender Offer ​9 December Summary
​24 November M.P Evans Group ​Takeover 5 December Summary
​23 November Syngenta AG ​Takeover Extension ​28 December Summary
​23 November Vietnam Holding Limited Equity Wrt ​Exercise of Warrants ​25 November Summary
​22 November London Asia Capital Plc ​Open Offer 28 November​ Summary
​​21 November Journey Group​​ ​Takeover ​24 November Summary
​21 November Powerflute OYJ NPV ​Takeover Extension 23 November​ Summary
​21 November Dee Valley Group ​Takeover ​29 November Summary
​21 November Aberdeen Frontier Markets Inv Co Ltd ​Tender Offer ​24 November Summary
​18 November SQN Asset Finance Income Fund Open Offer ​29 November ​​Summary
​17 November Electra Private Equity​ Dutch Auction​ ​14 December Summary
​15 November Egdon Resources Plc ​Open Offer ​21 November Summary
​​14 November IBEX Global Solutions Plc ​Takeover ​21 November ​​Summary
​​14 November Blue Capital Global Reinsurance ​Tender Offer ​18 November Summary
​14 November Boussard & Gavaudan Holding ​Optional Conversion ​16 November Summary
​11 November Digital Globe Services Ltd ​Takeover ​17 November ​​Summary
​11 November Blackrock Greater Euro Inv Tst ​Tender Offer ​22 November ​​​Summary
​​11 November SKIL Ports & Logistics Ltd ​Open Offer ​​16 November ​​Summary
​10 November JP Morgan Inc & Growth Investment Trust (Income Shares) ​Scheme of Reconstruction ​14 November Summary
​8 November Sirius Minerals ​Open Offer ​16 November Summary
​3 November JP Morgan Elect (Managed growth SHS GBP0.0001) ​Conversion Opportunity ​10 November ​​Summary
​3 November ​​Twentyfour Select Monthly Inc ​Tender Offer ​28 November Summary
​​1 November Qatar Investment Fund ​Tender Offer ​8 November Summary
​1 November GW Pharmaceuticals ​Delisting and Optional Conversion ​22 November Summary
​1 November Rolls Royce Holdings (ORD C shares) ​Scheme of Arrangement ​23 November ​​Summary
​31 October Rolls Royce Holdings ​Scheme of Arrangement ​23 November Summary
​31 October Journey Group ​Takeover ​7 November Summary
28 October McBride Scheme of Arrangement 7 November Summary
28 October Shanks Group Rights Issue 2 November Summary
27 October Hurricane Energy Open Offer 31 October Summary
27 October Enquest Plc Open Offer 9 November Summary
26 October Phoenix Group Holdings Rights Issue 1 November Summary
26 October Powerflute OYJ Takeover -SHORTENED DEADLINE 31 October Summary
20 October Quadrise Fuels International Open Offer 24 October Summary
20 October Advanced Oncotherapy Plc Open Offer 24 October Summary
19 October Sarossa Plc Tender Offer 25 October Summary
18 October SWP Group Takeover 21 October Summary
17 October Midatech Pharma Plc Open Offer 20 October Summary
17 October Bond International Software Takeover 20 October Summary
14 October Informa Plc Rights Issue 18 October Summary
14 October Helios Underwriting Open Offer 19 October Summary
13 October Menzies (John) Rights Issue 19 October Summary
11 October Avingtrans Tender Offer 31 October Summary
10 October GTS Chemical Holdings Plc Purchase Offer 18 October Summary
7 October Pacific Horizon Investment Trust Closed-End Fund NPV Tender Offer 17 October Summary
7 October LXB Retail Properties Plc Scheme of Arrangement 17 October Summary
7 October Alexander Mining Warrants Exercise of Warrants 14 October Summary
7 October Highbridge Multi Strategy Tender Offer 12 October Summary
6 October Bond International Software Takeover 12 October Summary
5 October Tower Resources Plc Open Offer 12 October Summary
3 October Tritax Big Box Reit Plc Open Offer 7 October Summary

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