Full details on the Thorntons Compulsory Aquisition, including instructions on how to participate, the options available to you, and any deadline applicable.


Further to our previous announcement, please be advised the offer has now been declared Compulsory.
This corporate action is a Takeover.
A takeover occurs when one company (usually a larger company, known as the Bidding company) attempts to take control over another company (usually a smaller company, known as the Target company).
Within this corporate action you have a series of options of which one is a default.  If you wish to select the default you do not need to reply.
Please note we must be in receipt of your instruction by 18 September 2015 should you wish to select an option other than the default
If you would like further information about the terminology used in this notification, please visit our Ask A Question site


Offer made by Ferholding UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrero International S.A
Tender Price: GBP 1.45

Compulsory Acquisition (Notice pursuant to section 980(1) of the Companies Act 2006).

Holders are entitled under Section 986 of the Companies Act to make an application to the Court within the 6 week period either that their shares should not be acquired or that their shares should be acquired on different terms to those available under the Offer.

Further information can be found on the Company's Website.


Option 1: Cash

If you wish to receive this option there is no need to respond as we will accept the cash on your behalf.

However, if you are contemplating applying to the courts please advise us by 18 September 2015 by contacting us on 0800 901 2911* or local dial number 0141 352 3971* and quote our corporate action reference 201501106.


Cancellation of admission to listing and trading is expected to become effective at 8.00am on 20 August 2015.

We will aim to update your account within five business days of receiving the proceeds.
Overseas residents should consult their professional advisers as to whether they require any governmental or other consents or need to observe any other formalities to enable them to participate in the offer.
By accepting the offer, you will be representing to us that local laws and regulatory requirements have been complied with, including the obtaining of any governmental, exchange control and other consents that may be required and the payment of any issue, transfer or other taxes or duties due in that jurisdiction.
Please note that this page does not constitute investment or tax advice. If you are unsure of what option to take, or if you are in any doubt as to your tax position, please contact your financial advisor.

*Calls to 0800 numbers are free if made from a UK landline and calls to 0141 numbers are charged at local rate, mobile costs may vary - please check with your telecoms provider. Calls may be recorded so that we can monitor the quality of our service and for security purposes. Our opening hours are 7.30am to 7pm Monday to Thursday, 7.30am to 6pm on Friday (excluding bank holidays) and 9.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday.

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