Why get advice about philanthropy?

Why get advice about philanthropy?

Posted on 17 March 2014

This is where my role and our philanthropy service play an integral part in how we support our clients

Many of us have a natural inclination to support charitable causes, often on impulse or via ad hoc donations. But for those planning on making either regular and/or significant contributions, it is likely that thinking through a more comprehensive strategy for your giving will be more rewarding – both for you and the beneficiary.

As I suggested in a recent article on this subject, there are certain activities that you wouldn’t consider without professional advice: setting up a trust or managing tax matters aren’t usually embarked on without a lawyer, an accountant and/or a tax specialist. And so in a similar light, you could argue that it is logical to seek advice and/or information about your philanthropic activities from the people you already speak to about managing your investments. This is where my role and our philanthropy service play an integral part in how we support our clients.

Over the years, Barclays has helped its clients to answer many questions about their giving: where to start, how to fund, how much to give, how to engage others, and how to ensure success. Given the wide array of information available, and how it is presented, we know it can be difficult to navigate the charitable landscape and uncover the relevant answers on your own.

In our experience, each client will have a unique set of motivations when they first start talking to us about their aspirations in this area. We always look to tailor individual strategies to suit each person and/or their families but always remain impartial in terms of the causes that a client might want to support. We can help clients access the right assistance for a range of issues including:

  • Information about practical, flexible and effective giving, including guidance on giving vehicle options.
  • Identifying motivations, connections, right cause area/s, extent and profile of involvement to achieve the desired effect.
  • Engaging your family, creating an inter-generational legacy which focuses on ‘giving while living’, rather than ‘legacy at death’.
  • Providing learning and guidance through exclusive client events, research and bespoke literature.

I plan to update this blog regularly to keep you informed about the latest developments in our philanthropy service, which judging by the increasing demand from clients, suggests there will be much to discuss!

For further details on the service please visit our philanthropy website.

Emma Turner, Head of Client Philanthropy


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