Navigating the philanthropy journey, one step at a time

Navigating the philanthropy journey, one step at a time
Posted on 28 May 2014

"I didn’t know what the lifeboat did or how it rocked, but I liked it. You put the penny in and it made something happen!"

My first memory of giving is going to the local sweet shop and on the counter was a lifeboat that rocked if you put a penny in it. I remember putting the penny in and watching it. I didn’t know what the lifeboat did or how it rocked, but I liked it. You put the penny in and it made something happen!

Unfortunately, not all giving is as simple as this. In my job as Head of Client Philanthropy at Barclays, I have noticed that while our clients are increasingly looking to become involved in giving, with recent research by Barclays finding that 48% of high net worth individuals are planning to give to charity during their lifetime , they often face challenges in getting started. With so much information out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin, particularly when it comes to thinking about it for the first time, what it means to them and the impact this will have.

It was out of this challenge that Philanthropy: Your Guide to Giving was born. We wanted to find ways to reach as many clients as possible to help them to achieve their goals, and this guide, the first of its kind from a UK private bank, provides step-by-step advice and answers questions about all aspects of charitable giving.

The guide is designed to cover the complete philanthropic journey, featuring practical information on topics from ensuring success to putting a board together. It also aims to address the common questions that people are seeking answers to, from ‘where to start?’ and ‘how much should I give?’ to ‘how to involve my family ?’ The guide also contains a number of stories from founders of charitable causes about their own experiences In this way our clients can make more informed decisions and create a bigger impact on those they are trying to help.

The guide also covers the important aspect of the impact of involving family and non-family members .. While involving wider family members and children in giving is an important aspect of philanthropy, it needs careful navigating to ensure young people fully understand the role they can play and what the future of their involvement could be.The guide aims to give insight into what your philanthropic endeavours mean for the people that you may leave in charge of your legacy.

With this guide we hope to provide the information clients need to bring down some of the barriers to giving. I want the Philanthropy Guide to be enjoyable and straightforward, just as giving should be, and I would like you to feel confident that, having read the guide, you now know what your next steps are, wherever you are on the road.

If there are those who are a bit stuck on the edge of the pool, then I hope this guide will take them to the shallow end so that they can enjoy the water.

For more information about the Philanthropy Guide, please contact us.
Emma Turner, Head of Client Philanthropy

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