Find out about Pension Trader Account rates and charges from Barclays Stockbrokers.
PTA Rates and Charges

Pension Trader Account Rates and Charges

Here’s an overview of our rates and charges. All charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Online dealing charges (all investment types except funds (Unit trusts, Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)), non-European Quoting Service (EQS)) International Securities​

Deals per calendar month Commission
1 – 9 ​£11.95
10 - 19 £8.95
20 + £5.95

Other charges and service restrictions may apply.

Telephone dealing charges

Here are the telephone dealing charges for all investment types, except non EQS Foreign Securities, unit trusts and OEICs:

Deal value Commission
​£0 - £500 ​​£17.50
​£501 - £1,500 £35
£1,501 - £2,500 £50
£2,501 - £20,000 £65
£20,001 - £75,000 £75
​£75,001 - £1,000,000 ​0.1%
£1,000,001 + ​on application

Other charges and service restrictions may apply.

Automatic dividend reinvestment​

Automatic dividend reinvestment purchases are charged at a flat rate commission of 1% (minimum £1, maximum £7.50).​


​Charge Type ​Barclays Stockbrokers Funds Market Others Funds​
Initial charge
(on your investment amount)
​Free ​Varies by fund manager and fund
(typically 3-5.5%) No payments are made to Barclays Stockbrokers
Fund Administration Fee ​0.35% per annum subject to a minimum charge of £35 per annum per account. The fee is calculated on the daily value of Qualifying Fund holdings, up to a maximum of £500,000. There is no further charge on fund holdings over £500,000. ​0.35% per annum subject to a minimum charge of £35 per annum per account. The fee is calculated on the daily value of Qualifying Fund holdings, up to a maximum of £500,000. There is no further charge on fund holdings over £500,000.
Selling charge ​Free ​Free
Qualifying funds are:
  • Clean share classes
  • Bundled share classes purchased after 5 April 2014
  • Bundled share classes where you have opted out of the conversion to the clean share class.

Foreign dealing charges – telephone only

Please note that as of August 2014 we no longer open new foreign dealing accounts. These rates are for existing account holders only.

Here are our foreign dealing charges – telephone only:

Deal value Charge
First £10,000 1.75%
Next £10,000 1.125%
Next £20,000 0.50%
Next £60,000 0.40%
Thereafter 0.30%
Minimum £45 (US)  £100 (non-US)

Quarterly account charges

All account charges are taken in arrears and apply per account.

​ ​Account type ​Account charge
​Pension Trader Account ​£12 (waived if a deal was placed in that quarter or if you only hold Funds Market funds in your PTA, although investment related fees will apply)
Foreign Dealing Account ​ ​£25 (waived if an overseas deal was placed in that quarter)

Other charges 

​Account type ​Account charge
Ad hoc statement or valuation ​Free
​Copy of consolidated tax certificate ​£17.50 if requested after 3 months of sending the original
​Transfer in or deposit of shares ​Free
Valuation for Probate Price available on request

​Same day payment (CHAPS transfer) ​£20
​Pension Trader Account closure ​Free
Transfer out of shares
(to another broker or as certificates
​CREST: £15 per holding
Non-CREST: £17.50 per holding
​Remaining administration charges ​Charged pro-rata on closing
​Late settlement penalty ​£40 per overdue deal
Return cheque/Direct Debit charge ​£15
Referral to Debt Recovery Department ​£25 (additional 8% if referred to an outside agency – minimum £5)
​​Debit interest ​Barclays Base Rate + 3.5%
Duplicate contract note
(if more than six months have passed since the deal)

Taxes and Levies

Stamp Duty or Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT) on UK equity purchases is payable at the prevailing rate at the time of dealing.

The current rates are:

  • 0.5% SDRT on all UK equity purchases settled through CREST, rounded to the nearest 1p
  • 0.5% SDRT on all UK equity purchases not settled through CREST, rounded up to the nearest £5
  • SDRT on Irish registered stock is currently charged at 1%
  • The Panel on Take-overs and Mergers currently levy £1 on all UK equity transactions of £10,000 and above.

Interest Rates

The interest paid is banded. This means that the rates in the table below apply only to the portion of the balance within each band shown – not to your cash balance as a whole. Each band of your overall cash balance receives different rates of interest as shown below, to give an overall blended rate.

Current interest rates

Our interest rates move in line with the Barclays Base Rate. However, where the applicable margin would result in a negative figure, the rate will be zero. i.e. we will pay no interest. At present we do not pay any interest on cash balances.

Cash Balance Interest paid
£0 - £999 Nil
£1,000 - £12,499.99 4% below Barclays Base Rate
​£12,500 - £24,999.99 ​3.5% below Barclays Base Rate
​£25,000 - £149,999.99 ​2.5% below Barclays Base Rate
£150,000 - £249,999.99 ​1% below Barclays Base Rate
​£250,000 + Barclays Base Rate

New interest rates

In line with the Bank of England’s decision to reduce interest rates, we will be reducing our interest rates on cash balances from 1 December 2016. Also, rates you receive will no longer be linked to Barclays Base Rate.

​Cash balance band Interest paid on this band only​
£0 - £999 ​Nil
​£1,000+ ​0.05%
Tax rules can change and the benefits and drawbacks of particular tax treatment will vary with individual circumstances. Barclays is not a legal or tax adviser and is not providing you with legal or tax advice. Nothing in this document should be construed as tax advice. If you have any queries as to the legal or tax implications of any investment you should seek independent professional advice.

†Call costs may vary – please check with your telecoms provider. Calls may be recorded, for monitoring the quality of our service and security purposes. If you’re calling from outside the UK, please dial +44 141 352 3909. Our opening hours are 8am to 6:30pm Monday to Thursday, 8am to 6pm on Friday (excluding bank holidays) and 9:30am to 12:30pm on Saturday.


  • The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested.
  • Investing in your own pension fund is not for everyone, if you are unsure please seek independent advice.

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