sipp transfers Find out how to transfer existing pensions held with other providers to your Barclays Stockbrokers SIPP account.
Transfer pensions

Transferring your pensions


You’ll find it easy to transfer your existing pension plans into a Barclays Stockbrokers SIPP. And once you do, you could find managing your pension investments simpler with everything in one place. You’ll also have access to a wide range of investments, including over 2,000 funds offering lower cost “clean share classes” in our Funds Market.

However, before transferring your pensions to a SIPP, you need to be sure that:

  • You’re happy to manage your own pension investments
  • Your pension can be transferred. Not all pensions can be transferred to our SIPP. It may not be in your best interest to move certain pensions. That’s why we don’t accept transfers from defined benefit pension schemes like final salary plans.
  • You’re not giving up valuable benefits by transferring.

We make it simple

To transfer your pension, all you’ve got to do is apply. We’ve got a dedicated team to handle all of the administration for you. We’ll tell you about the progress of your application. And we’ll manage the completion of the transfer from your existing provider(s) as quickly as possible.

Transfer costs

Your existing pension plan manager may charge you transfer processing costs. Simply tell us about the costs you’ve paid after your account has been transferred and we’ll refund up to £500. Refunds are made to your chosen bank account or by cheque, or any charge directly incurred in transferring your SIPP can be credited to your SIPP account. Barclays Stockbrokers reserves the right to terminate or amend this offer at its discretion. View the terms and conditions
Remember, the value of investments may rise or fall. You could get back less than you invest. If you’re unsure about transferring pensions, we recommend you ask for independent advice. Investments can fall in value. Transferring your pensions doesn’t affect their tax-efficient status but tax rules can change and whether they benefit you will depend on your circumstances.

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