Frequently asked questions about the Barclays Stockbrokers Investment ISA - invest your full allowance in our Stocks and shares ISA.
ISA questions and answers

ISA Questions and Answers

If you have any further questions on ISAs please visit our 'Ask a question section'

If you have other questions on ISAs, you can ask them in the Ask a Question section.

Who can open a Barclays Stockbrokers ISA?

Anyone aged 18 and over, as long as they are a UK resident for tax purposes or a non-resident working for the Crown or their spouse.

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What type of ISA does Barclays Stockbrokers offer?

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An Investment ISA - where you select and manage investments. If you are looking for a Barclays ISA these are available via

How much can I invest in an ISA?

The ISA allowance for this tax year – up to 5 April 2018 – is £20,000. This can be used in full in an Investment ISA, in full in a cash ISA, in full in an Innovative Finance ISA, a lifetime ISA1 or split between the four in any way that suits you. However, with a lifetime ISA, you can only pay in up to £4,000 of your Isa allowance.Find out more about the cash ISAs available from Barclays Bank

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What is the flexible ISA allowance?

Cash you withdraw from a flexible ISA can be replaced during the same tax year without counting towards your annual ISA allowance. This is known as ISA flexibility. Find out more about ISA flexibility .

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Can I open both an Investment ISA and a cash ISA in the same tax year?

Yes. The ISA allowance is £20,000. This can be used in full in an Investment ISA, in full in a cash ISA or spilt between the two in any way that suits you. Find out more about the cash ISA available from Barclays Bank.

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Can I open more than one Investment ISA in the same tax year?

No. You can open only one Investment ISA in a tax year. But you can split your allowance between Investment ISA, cash ISA and Innovative Finance ISA. They don’t have to be held with the same provider.

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How can I monitor the performance of the investments in my ISA?

You can view and manage your Investment ISA account online at any time. We send you regular statements and valuations. You can also call us on 0808 231 4905* or 0141 352 3915*

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Do I receive interest on cash held in my Barclays Stockbrokers Investment ISA?

Yes. The interest paid is banded which means that the rates apply only to the proportion of the account balance within each band. Each band of your overall cash balance will receive different rates of interest giving a blended rate. Any interest due will be paid quarterly in arrear.

Please note that our interest rates are a Managed Rate. That means that they are a rate set by us and can be amended from time to time. Any changes may or may not be linked to moves in the Bank of England base rate. See the current cash interest rates.

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What stocks can I hold in my Barclays Stockbrokers ISA?

You can only hold investments that comply with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) ISA eligibility guidelines. They must be listed on a recognised UK stock exchange, including the London Stock Exchange. You can also invest in stocks listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and the ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX). Find out more about AIM and ISDX shares that are eligible for Investment ISAs.

How can I add funds to my Investment ISA?

You can pay into your Investment ISA by:

  • debit card online, with a minimum of £5
  • debit card by phone, with a minimum of £5
  • regular payments, with a minimum of £50 per month
  • electronic transfer
  • cheque

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How do I add existing shares to my ISA?

You can add shares held in a MarketMaster to your ISA - we will have to sell the shares from the MarketMaster and buy them back within your ISA.

If you hold certificated shares you will need to add these to a MarketMaster before we can add them to your ISA. Find out more

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Can I transfer an ISA held with another provider to Barclays Stockbrokers?

Yes. If you have an Investment ISA with us, please download this ISA Transfer form [PDF, 206KB] and complete, print, sign and send it to us. If you don’t have an account with us, you can open an Investment ISA and request a transfer using this form.

Please send your transfer forms to:

Barclays Stockbrokers Limited
Client Service Team
Tay House
300 Bath Street
G2 4LH

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Do I need to open a new ISA every year?

If you have a Barclays Stockbrokers Investment ISA, you don’t need to open a new one – you can pay into your existing ISA account. If you’ve missed paying into your Investment ISA during the previous tax year, HMRC need to confirm that you’re still eligible to receive the ISA tax benefits.

You can do this online – log in and request to add cash to your ISA. You’ll be asked to accept a Declaration of Authority before the payment is processed. If you’d rather make a payment by post, download an Additional Subscription form [PDF, 243KB] and return it to us.

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Can I merge my Barclays Stockbrokers Investment ISAs into one?

Yes. Please tell us in writing which account you would like to keep and we’ll merge them for you.

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Can my dividend payments automatically be invested?

Yes. But you have to request Automatic Dividend Reinvestment for your ISA.

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What happens to my ISA if I move abroad?

You can keep your existing ISA. But you won’t be able to add cash to your account.

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What documents do I need to transfer newly released SAYE or Profit Sharing shares into an ISA?

You need:

  • Application form (if you do not already have an account)
  • ISA Additional Subscription From
  • Share Certificate for your SAYE or Profit Share holdings
  • CREST Transfer form – it has to be signed
  • Proof of emergence from an IR approved sharesave / profit share scheme
  • Proof of the exercise date
  • Proof of appropriation date

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Can I use my business funds to subscribe to an ISA?

No. All payments must be from a bank account in your name. Cash transfers from other Barclays Stockbrokers accounts also have to be in the account holder's name.

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Can I pay the dealing charges outside of my ISA?

No. All dealing charges are taken from your ISA.

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Can I pay my ISA account charges from an external bank account?

Yes. We can debit your nominated bank account for these charges.

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Can I make regular payments to my ISA?

Yes. You can set up a regular monthly payment by Direct Debit for £50 or more. You simply complete and return the Regular Payments to your ISA form [PDF, 239KB] and we’ll do the rest. You can also set up an instruction for this money to be automatically invested. Find out more about our Regular Investment Service.

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  • The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested.
  • Investing is not for everyone, if you are unsure please seek independent advice.

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1 Barclays does not offer an innovative finance ISA or a lifetime ISA

*Calls to 0808 numbers are free if made from a UK landline. Call costs to 0141 numbers may vary – please check with your telecoms provider. Calls may be recorded so that we can monitor the quality of our service and for security purposes. Our opening hours are 7.30am-7pm Monday to Thursday, 7.30am-6pm on Friday (excluding bank holidays) and 9.30am-12.30pm on Saturday.


  • The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested.
  • Investing is not for everyone, if you are unsure please seek independent advice.
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